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Paddock Paradise

The key to healthy hooves is movement, movement, movement. Horses cannot get the proper circulation in their hooves needed for healing and maintaining healthy hooves if they are confined to a stall. The purpose of a Paddock Paradise is to encourage movement, mental stimulation, and interaction with other horses all while eating hay from the ground.

Your Paddock Paradise does not have to be elaborate or expensive. I have used electrobraid fencing, one of the most inexpensive and safest types of fencing there is. Most likely you already have an outer fence. Now you just need an inner fence to complete the track around your pasture. You need to offer shelter in the form of a run-in, open stalls, and/or trees. Keep plenty of rocks, sticks and fallen trees on the ground for your horse to navigate over. This will provide the mental stimulation that is lacking in those beautiful, green pastures.

You will still have your beautiful, green pastures in the center of your track. Your horses can still be turned out on them on occasion, but now your pastures won't be over grazed and you have the ability to eliminate any worries for horses that are prone to laminitis and founder due to the lushness of the green grass without confining them to a stall. And to top it all off, your horses’ feet will grow stronger, tougher, and more beautiful.

I can assist in the design of your Paddock Paradise and can order the proper supplies needed and am able to install your new fence to create your own Paddock Paradise. Please feel free to ask for assistance. For more information, Jaime Jackson has written a book titled "Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding" available at

Click HERE to see a Paddock Paradise example.

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